All of the parts that make up The Water Ionizer are medical quality and 100% hypoallergenic, so people with allergies to plastics and metals can have the confidence to use the machine.


The tap water is initially filtered through the machine’s fibrous carbon filter.


Water is so mysterious in the way its physiology is constantly morphing. The dynamics of water can be affected by the seasons in our environment whether it be the sun, or rain, and whether it was sourced from a river, a mountain range, or the ground. And it is known that water holds an incredible memory, which scientists hope will one day replace everyday items such as disks. To cope with the constant change in water, a unique and patented computer neuro water sensor inside The Water Ionizer constantly analyses the water’s properties and its pressure, then it chooses the appropriate electric current and voltage for the most effective electrolysis.


Three titanium electrode plates coated in Platinum (patented) are used in the electrolysis process, which will, using an electric charge, physically split as much H2O as possible into H+ (acidic water) and OH- (alkaline water). When this chemical reaction happens, the H+ and OH- have to be kept separate within two chambers, so a special membrane only lets through the H+ into one of the chambers. In effect, a concentration of alkaline and acidic water is produced, the alkaline will have an abundance of negative electrons and the acidic will have an abundance of positive electrons. Three plates in scientific terms is the optimum number of plates, any more than three is just superficial, without adding anything to the process, and mainly used as marketing hype by other manufacturers. Our manufacturer has a patent on the three plate assembly, which is why you won’t find three plates in other machines.


We call the alkaline water, ‘antioxidant-effect water’, and the acidic water, ‘cleansing water’. The alkaline and acidic water will always flow out of the machine at the same time through different exit pipes (alkaline approximately 55% and acidic 45%), the alkaline antioxidant-effect water is for drinking and the cleansing water is for external topical use. For instance, the antioxidant-effect water is given to patients to drink in Japanese medical centres for dealing with stomach ulcerations caused by diabetes, and the cleansing water is applied to treat fungus on the body. The antioxidant-effect water is ideal for drinking and it has an excellent taste, which children especially seem to enjoy.

The theory behind how antioxidant and cleansing water interacts with the environment and our bodies is called Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP). ORP is measured in minivolts and the process of electrolysis will change the ORP of tap water, which is normally in the range of between +200 to +500, to anything between -50 to -300. What is important is that a change occurs of at least 200 between the readings. The machine easily connects to a mains water supply and uses a UK specification electrical socket, 230-240v @ 50Hz. We can prove from independent sources that our product, The Water Ionizer, is in accordance with the CE mark – we believe that most, if not all, the other water ionizers on the market have only been converted superficially to work in Europe, and they are not designed to maintain 230-240v, but to be honest, we don’t know that for sure. What we do know is that our machine has been built specifically for the UK and European market (with plug adapters for the European market).