“The Water Ionizer has made a massive difference in our lives. Much, more than I ever thought it would. I am currently living with Severe Myalgic Encephalopathy, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Osteoporosis (quite badly, and yes it shocked me too, I’m only 23!), PCOS (oh yes, we are just racking them up, I look back on the days of one diagnosis with nostalgia, who would ever have thought?), Rheumatism, Whiplash, RSI, SAD, Anxiety, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Suffice to say these are the main things! I am a wheelchair user and am cared for full time by my husband.

We are taking time to create our own Healing Journey, to create the best possible conditions for healing. Really most people know that to be well we need to eat well, exercise, meditate, drink lots of good water etc etc. I had a very healthy lifestyle (vegan, organic, macrobiotic, chemical free etc) but I was not drinking lots of good water and doing all the things I need to each day. So we thought, this makes no sense, I am expecting my body to perform miracles of healing without even giving it the basics. The doctors told us no cure, no treatment, just pain-killers, so in the nicest possible way, go home and get used to being ill. That didn’t really work for us so we decided to create an environment for healing to give my body the best chance. We sent ourselves to “Healing University” and researched all aspects of health and wellness. The Water Ionizer came out as a top priority.

Everything helped but despite drinking gallons of organic green juice daily, gulping lemons and cucumbers I was still testing acidic in my Ph levels. Clearly something needed to change. The pain was off the charts, I would wake crying with the pain. The winters were especially bad, the rheumatism kicked in and I thought I was too young for rheumatism but it seems not and wow it is so hard. I thought the M.E pain was bad but add the extra pain from the rheumatism and fibromyalgia, not the mention the endometriosis, so we got a water ionizer from The Water Ionizer Company. (In terms of M.E I was probably under 20% when I began drinking electrolysised water and now am 30% & looking up )

I have had it now for 8 months and I no longer wake crying in pain, I can move more easily, I have less inflammation, I test consistently alkaline, my muscle definition is better, I sleep better, such a delight, and we are looking forward to my Dexta scan soon to see how it has improved my bone density. I have less bone pain that is for sure! My symptoms are reduced to an extent that we are now doing part time therapeutic work setting up a non-profit social enterprise Healing Boxes selling & sending boxes of support and healing items to people with chronic and serious illness. It has given me so, so much of my life back that we really never thought we would have again. I haven’t written a testimonial before for a product but for this, I feel moved to. I just want to say I truly believe this has made such a difference and am so grateful. Thank you The Water Ionizer Team!”
Grace Quantock Harrison

”I have been drinking Ionized water for 3 years. I’m already very religious in my routine, I cook with it and drink it and make ice cubes from it. I have noticed that at 40 I have no wrinkles on my face, I have no digestive problems and have lost a lot of weight. I took chemo for a while and would say that my body was pretty toxic and acidic. I decided to investigate why some people live so long and knew it had something to do with diet and atmosphere. Then I stumbled upon some articles about using hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapy to add oxygen to tissue, to turn the pH of the body from acid to alkaline. The water Ionizer does just that with the very water we use to keep ourselves hydrated and feeling good. I have had a history of digestive tract problems in my family, I alone do not suffer from them anymore. I eat whatever I want, without the need to avoid certain foods. My skin has cleared up tremendously and I have not had a cyst or a tumour since starting with The Water Ionizer.

I live in London where the water from the Thames has been found to contain a variety of prescription drugs and who knows what else. I feel assured that the water I am drinking has been purified and electrolysised to add an extra ion whilst separating the high pH water to my drinking glass and the acidic to the drain or bottle which I collect for plants, flowers and other uses.

I ended up buying my Water Ionizer and have told all my friends and family about ti. My partner was suing one at a job in Kent and was very pleased to have one at home again when we moved in together. I recommend it to everyone, everywhere.

Read up on reverse aging, clean up your body and keep it alkaline and disease free.”
Tim Ross

“I cannot praise the water ionizer or your company enough. Thanks for the ‘try before you buy’/rental option. This is the mark of a truly ethical company and puts an expensive machine within the reach of everyone.

After as little as 2 weeks of drinking and cooking with the alkaline water, I experienced small, but obvious, changes in my health; I had more energy and most remarkably, my eyesight started, and continues, to improve and my sensitive eyes are stronger too! One lens of my current glasses is now much too strong and I have had to get out my old glasses, which are now pretty prefect again!

As far as the acidic water is concerned; I clean my house and car with it, use it on plants (magical), in my bath, on my skin and hair and as a mouthwash.

I haven’t replaced personal care and cleaning products with it, because I didn’t use any, having replaced them years ago with herbs, essential oils and vinegar!”
Janete Sumner Rivers

I can’t speak highly enough of this system – and I’ve tried a few, starting with jug filters and ending up with a full undersink reverse osmosis system, passing through distillation etc. etc. along the way. This ionization system is, as they say, a whole different ballgame. You not only have really excellent drinking water, but the acid water is absolutely wonderful for skin (my complexion has improved very noticeably and the water is brilliant at healing wounds) and it makes pot plants etc. grow faster and stops bugs and other nasties from attacking them. When we moved house my partner and I began to suffer from drinking the (borehole) water in the new place. Immediately we started using The Water Ionizer the improvement in our health and the way we felt was dramatic.

I wouldn’t be without this system, it’s definitely the best I’ve ever used (and the customer service is just right: friendly, down-to-earth, helpful – and committed to the product and the ethos behind it). Ten out of ten!”
M. Jeane

“I love the water Lewis, tap water is no comparison. I use the acid water for burns. I also use the acid water in my steam iron to prevent limescale. Very happy with our water-feel the whole family (dog included) is benefiting. Thank you again.”

“Its texture and creaminess makes it easy to drink at room temperature-more you drink the more feeling of well being.”
Sue Dowsett

“Drinking the alkaline water is an assurance my body’s pH is good. I have seen in one our my female clients drinking the alkaline water with out detoxing can cause nausea in very acidic clients.”

“I have a few ups and downs with my m/c. The Water Ionizer helps me have more ups!”
Eva Tyrell

“Your water is the best! Everyone who visit’s our home loves our water from the Ionizer!”
Barbara Zell

“Really enjoying drinking and cooking with the alkaline water. Use Acid water for cleaning, watering plants, washing veg & fruits.”
Ann Haworth

Health professionals

“I have suffered from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for over 40 years. Although I improved during that time I was by no means back to normal health.

I was originally extremely sceptical about the claims made for [The Water Ionizer] Ionized Water (IW). Nevertheless, a machine was made available to me and I began to experiment, quite objectively, on the effect of IW on my body.

For the first two days I became quite ill, probably due to a detoxification reaction. Thereafter, I felt better than I had for many years. I did not believe this result, attributing it to a placebo response. But my favourable response to IW persisted. I decided to perform further tests.

Over a two month period, at intervals of between one and eight days, I reverted from IW to tap water on five separate occasions. Each time that I reverted to tap water my ME became much worse within twenty four hours. This deterioration lasted until I reverted to IW, after which the deterioration was reversed within twenty-four hours. I became convinced that the therapeutic effect of IW on my ME was real and not a placebo effect.

I was also able to discontinue the antihistamines that I had been taking daily for several decades.

I have now been drinking only IW for over eight months. I feel better than I have for forty years. I have no intention of reverting to ordinary water.

I shall, in future, include [The Water Ionizer] IW in the ‘Midgley Protocol’, a therapeutic protocol that I have used for many years to treat my ME patients – with a 75% success rate. Perhaps IW will improve this rate even further – time will tell.”

Dr Michael Midgley is a guru in helping people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Post Viral Syndrome (PVS), Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) and Fibromyalgia (FM). He is also the author of ‘A Life Worth Living’ and founder of the Overton Studios Trust.

“The Water Ionizer is my absolute first choice for producing drinking water that I feel 100% happy to drink myself and give to my family and clients. Knowing that I am drinking the purest water possible gives me peace of mind that I am not ingesting harmful chemicals – plus it tastes so much better that the difference is obvious. I cannot recommend The Water Ionizer highly enough – it’s one of the best and most important investments you could ever make in your health.”

Karen Knowler, “The Raw Food Coach”, author of Raw Food Made Simple

“The Alkalizer (The Water Ionizer): Each one of us, many times in our life, has looked into the phenomena of water. We start by recognising the problems associated with water quality in our society. First, we start drinking bottled mineral water. Then we go to distilled water. Then to filtered water and finally to reverse Osmosis water. Such endeavours have little effect, only relieving our conscience by a mind trip-“at Least we are not ingesting toxins and poisons like agriculture chemicals, fluoride and only God knows what else”

Search for ‘healing’ water has been ongoing since the Garden. Scriptures have many references to this water from Moses to the Christ. In Modern days, the waters of Lourdes and Fatima have produced healings the scientific cannot comprehend or explain. The warring tribes of American Indians stopped their fighting, declaring truce, meeting in peace at Hot springs, Arkansas. At the turn of the past Century hundreds of mentally ill and insane people found cures in waters of Mineral Wells, Texas. When physicians found the water contained Lithium, a whole new science developed. Lithium pharmaceutical compounds were the beginning of today’s drug-orientated therapies for mental illness.

Wellness at Home in a Glass- Cancer Cures are being reported to us each week with the use of The Alkalizer (Water Ionizer) , this Instrument comes well within our scientific paradigm of the Original Metabolic cancer Cure.”
William D. Kelley, D.D.S., M.S, Author of Cancer Cure- Without Surgery- Chemotherapy-Radiation

“As a Doctor running a Holistic Medical Practice, and a sufferer from mould allergy, I am impressed with The Water Ionizer from Cellhealth Ltd which I have been using for three months. The antioxidant water from it tastes wonderful, and has resulted in a considerable reduction in the number of “bad allergy days” especially in the autumn. I have also noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep and a gradual improvement in longstanding knee arthritis.

Logically, ionized water could be used as part of an integrated detoxification program in which about 2 litres (minimum) of water should be drunk daily to “flush out” the kidneys and the detoxified material.”

Dr Diana Samways MBBS is the author of ‘I’m a Patient… Get me out of Here…Self-Help for Common Illnesses’ and runs the website: